How To's for Tree Care

At Beartown Tree farm we encourage the following for proper tree care, and to maintain freshness through out your holiday season.

  • Choose a fresh cut tree! Beartown Tree Farm is a certified NY State Tree Farm 
  • Upon arrival at your home - place your tree in a bucket of cool water until you are ready to place in the tree stand and decorate. We recommend placing your tree in it's tree stand no later than 12 hours to ensure optimal freshness 
  • Do daily checks - Christmas trees can dry out very quickly. You will want to check your tree water daily to make sure your water line does not go below your cut line - remember! Christmas trees are very thirsty!
    • If your tree does become dried out - cut the bottom of your tree 1 inch up on the trunk and follow the above directions. 
  • Keep your trees away from heat sources (i.e, fireplaces, baseboard heating, etc...) Trees that are near heating systems will dry out quickly!
  • We recommend using LED or miniature lights to decorate your tree. They produce less heat and keep your tree longer